ChefVille Experimental Pumpkins Quests: Everything you need to know

Similar to the County Fair event in ChefVille, the new Halloween Event has multiple quest series to complete, starting with the Halloween Ball quests that finally started to roll out to users earlier this week. Another series comes from Colby, who introduces us to the Pumpkin Processor. Obviously, his quest series will see you tending lots of pumpkins and creating lots of Pumpkin Puree.

Pureed Pumpkins

  • Place and Build the Pumpkin Processor

  • Have 5 Pumpkins

  • Craft 5 Pumpkin Puree

As we told you in our complete guide to the Halloween appliances in this event, you'll need to collect tons of ingredients to actually finish off the Processor, with some being earned through general news posts on your wall, while others are earned via individual requests sent to your neighbors. The time you're waiting for your friends to help you out shouldn't be wasted, however, as you can spend the time collecting Wild Pumpkins, which will now begin to grow at random on your land. Each Wild Pumpkin can be tended three times before it vanishes, and they'll spread to any open squares so long as you continue to leave them be.

While you're free to tend your own Pumpkins, it's actually smarter to tend Pumpkins in your friends' games. Simply visit friends and search for any Pumpkins they might have and you'll earn both free Pumpkins (if you're lucky) and free energy at the same time. As for turning these Pumpkins into Puree, this can obviously only be done after you've finished the Pumpkin Processor. At that point, you can use two Pumpkin and one Salt to receive two Pumpkin Puree after just one minute. When you complete this first quest, you'll receive five XP, 35 coins and one Pumpkin Puree.

Pumpkin Possibilities

  • Get 3 Pumpkin Recipes

  • Have 2 Spooky Halloween Ribbons in Pumpkin Ravioli

  • Serve 4 Pumpkin Casserole from the Level 2 Haunted Broiler

This quest is where things get a bit tricky. While you can freely complete the first two portions of this quest, actually cooking Pumpkin Casserole is impossible as of this writing. The Level 2 of the Haunted Broiler is simply unavailable right now, and won't be until around next week, according to Zynga. Still, the developer assures us that the upgrade and the Pumpkin Casserole dish will be available with plenty of time to cook it.

In the meantime, you'll be able to ask your friends for Pumpkin Recipes via a general news item posted on your wall. To make the process even easier, check out this ChefVille News Feed link which sorts your news feed to only show you posts from that particular game. If you have friends that have asked for Pumpkin Recipes as well, you can finish this particular task in a matter of seconds.

Finally, the Pumpkin Ravioli dish can be served from the Halloween Cauldron, and it takes an hour to prepare. You'll need one Pumpkin Puree, one Flour and one Pepper to cook it, so make sure you remain a "Regular" at a few of your friends' cafes to have a guaranteed supply of Pepper. If you're out of Pepper or simply aren't a Regular at any cafes, you'll earn that status (and a free Pepper everyday) after you've visited the same friend three times in a seven day period.

We'll make sure to update you when the Pumpkin Casserole dish is available to cook, so don't panic for now. We're all in the same boat, and hopefully Zynga can pull through for us very soon.

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Have you started making progress on these Pumpkin-themed quests in ChefVille, or are you still trying to complete your Pumpkin Processor? Sound off in the comments!

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