CastleVille Halloween Treats Quests: Everything you need to know

While you may be busy luring Owl and Gargoyle Spirits into your Kingdom in CastleVille, a new series of Trick or Treating quests has launched in CastleVille, with quests being available for both treats and tricks. There are five quests to complete in all in the Halloween Treats event, which will see you planting pumpkins and building a brand new Haunted House. Of course, we're here with a guide to help you finish these quests, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started.

Wanted: House

  • Place 1 Haunted House in your Kingdom

  • Plant 8 Pumpkins for Halloween Decorations

The Haunted House will be given to you for free when you next login to the game. You'll simply need to place it from your inventory (via the convenient Place button in this quest menu) to actually place it in your Kingdom. Warning: It's a pretty big item, so you might need to move some other items around first. As for the Pumpkins, these can be planted for 200 coins each, and they take three hours to grow. As with other crops though, you can speed up the growth time by planting them near water. Either way, you won't actually have to wait the three hours for this quest to complete, as simply planting them is good enough. Finishing this first quest gives you 1,000 coins, 20 XP and two Scarecrow Hats for your avatar (one for males, another for females).

It's a Tarp!

  • Have 6 Halloween Taffy

  • Feed 10 Chickens

  • Finish Building 1 Section of the Haunted House

The Halloween Taffy can be earned by posting a general news item on your wall for help. While you can easily wait for your actual Facebook friends to help you here, if you wait to post this request until you're playing on, you'll likely earn them much faster from strangers. While you're waiting for those Taffy pieces to arrive, you can start the construction process on the Haunted House, which requires two Jack-O-Lanterns, 12 Stone Bricks and two Bronze Bars to complete. All three of these items can be crafted in your own Kingdom, but the Stone Bricks can also be earned by asking your friends to send them to you.

The Jack-O-Lanterns are crafted in the Studio using five Pumpkins and two Amber each. They take 30 minutes to prepare, and if you ever run out of Pumpkins that you've grown manually, you can also post a general request for them. As for the Bronze Bars, these are crafted using three Silver Ore and four Copper Trinkets each. The Trinkets are earned via yet another news posts asking your friends to help. A single Bronze Bar takes four hours, so it would be best if you had them both crafting at the same time in two separate Workshops. Completing this quest gives you 1,750 coins and 35 XP.

A Craven Cravin'

  • Collect 1 Time from the Haunted House

  • Buy 1 Decoration

  • Craft 2 Pumpkin Gumbo

The Haunted House will allow you to earn Pumpkins each day upon collection, which is helpful, since you'll need a lot of pumpkins throughout the entirety of this Halloween event. In terms of decorations, you can snag one of the new themed decorations like a Gargoyle Statue or Cadelabra, but if you're more concerned with your budget, feel free to buy something a bit cheaper like a Campfire for 500 coins (as an example).

Finally, the Pumpkin Gumbo is a recipe that can be prepared in your Kitchen using one Pumpkin Shell, one Chicken Meat, six Milk Bottles and eight Bass. The Chicken Meat is a rather rare collectible earned by tending chickens, while Milk comes from cows and Bass from ponds. The Pumpkin Shell itself is another crafting project that can be prepared in the Studio using four Pumpkins. It only takes five seconds to finish, so it might be smart to get this particular item out of the way before you assign your Studios to other things once again. Completing this quest ives you 1,750 coins, 35 XP and a set of Scarecrow Pants for both male and female avatars.

House of the Bread

  • Banish 3 Beasties

  • Finish Building the Second Section of the Haunted House

  • Craft 2 Pumpkin Bread

If you don't currently have any Beasties on your land, remember that you can use potions to instantly summon them. We'd suggest using Gloom Rat Potions, as they take the least amount of time to banish after they arrive. You'll need three more Jack-O-Lanters, along with three Bronze Bars to complete the second upgrade of the Haunted House. You'll also need two Wigs and six Tiny Skulls, with skulls being earned through a general news post placed on your wall. The other three items will need to be crafted in your various buildings.

Speaking of crafting, you'll need to craft the Pumpkin Bread inside your Kitchen using two Flour Sacks, one Flaxseed Oil, three Honey and one Pumpkin Filling. The Filling is yet another crafting project, requiring two Pumpkins, two Milk Bottles, three Spicy Cloves and five minutes to prepare. You'll need to ask your friends for the Spicy Cloves, so start bugging your friends early and often so you constantly have a supply of them on hand! Finishing this quest allows you to get one step closer to completing your Scarecrow costume, as you'll receive male and female versions of the Scarecrow Shirt, along with 1,750 coins and 35 XP.

Chef De Queasy

  • Finish Building the Last Section of the Haunted House

  • Craft 1 Plate of Spaghetti

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

A single Plate of Spaghetti requires 10 Wheat, three Flaxseed Oils, seven Tomatoes and two hours to prepare, but luckily you can complete this particular recipe without asking your friends for any help. Unfortunately, that independence only lasts for a short while, as the final stage of the Haunted House construction requires three more Jack-O-Lanterns, four Swords, three Bronze Bars and seven Sugar Coins. These Coins are earned - you guessed it - by asking your friends to send them to you. You'll earn 1,750 coins, 35 XP and a final pair of avatar items for completing this final quest: a male and female version of a Scarecrow Mask.

Remember, you're limited to one gift request per friend per day, so make sure you're planning ahead as much as possible and asking for items each day so that those available requests don't go to waste. Good luck finishing these quests before Halloween.

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