Cafe World Gourmet Blitz: Everything you need to know

Let's face it: Over the past few months, Cafe World has grown rather stale, as it's become nothing more than a seemingly endless cycle of new quests and recipes along with Catering Orders that likely have too difficult of tasks to complete for the best rewards available. Many former players have left the game entirely, but Zynga is hoping to pull them back in and even please current fans with the launch of Gourmet Blitz in our cafes.

Gourmet Blitz is a new mini-game that's available to users that have reached at least Level 15 in their cafes. From there, you can access the game via its symbol on the right side of the game screen. In Gourmet Blitz, your goal is to click on recipes that will automatically be sent to like-colored stoves to cook. Cooking takes a matter of seconds, but you can't click on the same colored dish if that matching stove is currently cooking. After a dish has processed, you'll need to click on its stove to serve it. All of this is timed, with points being earned for each dish successfully served, and points being deducted if you happen to click on an item with no free stove available.

So long as you have one friend in Cafe World, your score for each round will be added to your friends leaderboard so you can compare yourself to the competition, and you can try to give yourself the upper hand by purchasing power-ups before each game. There are three power-ups in all:

  • Freeze - Freezes the timer for 6 seconds

  • Rainbow - Place any dish onto any stove, regardless of color, for 6 seconds

  • Double Points - Earn double the amount of points for each dish served for 6 seconds

Thankfully, each player is given two of each power-up so that they can test them out for free. After that, a single Freeze power-ups costs 1 Cafe Cash, a Double Points costs 2 Cafe Cash and a Rainbow costs 3 Cafe Cash. While earning points and bragging rights against your friends is fine and all, there are plenty of rewards that make playing Gourmet Blitz worthwhile. Here's a rundown of each of the prizes, from easiest to most difficult.

  • Blue Ribbon Rolls Recipe - Score 100 points on 5 consecutive games

  • Gold Medal Muffins Recipe - Score 120 points on 4 consecutive games

  • Champion Custard Cups - Score 140 points on 3 consecutive games

  • Prize Pie Recipe - Score a total of 5,000 points

  • Conquest Crepes Recipe - Score a total of 10,000 points

  • Pro Foosball Table Decoration - Reach the top of the leaderboard

Our suggestion? Don't waste your free power-ups, and definitely don't purchase new ones until you've played the game a few times without them to get your bearings. Once you feel comfortable with the gameplay of Gourmet Blitz, we'd suggest combining as many power-ups as you have available to try and earn a high score (hopefully anything over 140).

This looks to be a permanent addition to Cafe World, so don't worry about rushing to unlock these recipes either. Take your time getting the hang of this game and you'll eventually win all of the prizes. If you're still looking for more help on how to play Gourmet Blitz, check out Zynga's official video for more.

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Have you tried out Gourmet Blitz in your cafe yet? What's your high score so far? Have you started to unlock any of the prizes? Sound off in the comments!