ADTRAN Adds System-Level Vectoring to Widely Deployed Broadband Platforms


ADTRAN Adds System-Level Vectoring to Widely Deployed Broadband Platforms

Seamless ultra-high bandwidth upgrade to global installed base of market leading multi-service broadband access solution portfolio

GREIFSWALD, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ADTRAN®, Inc., (NAS: ADTN) , a leading provider of next-generation networking solutions, today announced the addition of system-level vectoring to its comprehensive global broadband portfolio. Vectoring enables service providers to maximize their network infrastructure by leveraging deep fiber deployments and VDSL2 over existing customer drop facilities to deliver ultra-broadband services delivering up to 200Mbps to the home based on two-pair bonding and enabling premium entertainment services.

ADTRAN's embedded base of more than 100,000 multi-service access nodes (MSANs) and 100,000 small form-factor DSLAM sites affords its existing customer base tremendous upgrade potential without requiring a major overhaul to existing infrastructure in order to deliver competitive speeds and services. Additionally, ADTRAN's top three global VDSL2 market share position and early leadership with vectoring standards and technology development offers unique experience that carriers worldwide can leverage. ADTRAN has helped the world's leading service providers deliver business services for more than 25 years, and has been a top tier provider of residential solutions for the last decade as well. Carriers are demanding converged solutions so that consumer and business services can be delivered over the same access network and, at the same time, they must also offer speeds competitive with DOCSIS 3.0 enabled networks and contain costs to insure viable business cases. These market drivers, along with the maturity of key next generation technologies in recent years and ADTRAN's core competency of customer partnership, create an inflection point for ADTRAN and its large embedded customer base to make the most of all the benefits that vectoring has to offer.

System-level vectoring allows service providers to realize ultra-broadband speeds, delivering up to 200Mbps to the home based on two-pair bonding and enabling premium entertainment services. With the rapid uptake of high-definition television, video on demand services and consumer voice over IP (VoIP), traditional fixed access service providers have been looking for a way to remain competitive against cable MSOs. Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments are being utilized for a portion of their subscriber base, but a solution is still needed to serve remaining customers, including those in the "final third" service areas. VDSL2 vectoring uses crosstalk cancellation, an advanced DSL transmission technology and improves subscriber bandwidth by up to 90%.

ADTRAN was among the first to demonstrate system-level vectoring and the release of solutions within its hiX 5600 and Total Access 5000 MSANs and Total Access 1100 and 1200 small form-factor access nodes, ADTRAN is enabling carriers to achieve affordable and competitive broadband service delivery. The ADTRAN portfolio is one of the world's most comprehensive; easily and economically addressing all environmental, powering and line-size challenges. ADTRAN's system-level vectoring implementation connects multiple broadband units to create a domain across multi-system pairs in a single group, thus improving vectoring gains and eliminating the complex binder management required by less capable 48-port only solutions known as board-level vectoring.

"With vectoring technologies, service providers now have a complete fixed broadband access tool box that not only allows them to offer an expansive portfolio of deep fiber solutions, but also complements their next generation optical services," said Stephen Wilson, senior analyst from Informa. "The system-level vectoring that ADTRAN is bringing to market is giving service providers the ability to deliver ultra-broadband services with better performance using field-proven outside plant technology."

"One of the objectives in bringing vectoring technology to our fixed access broadband portfolio was to provide a flexible solution that allows service providers to economically meet their most challenging service delivery objectives," said Dr. Eduard Scheiterer, Managing Director, ADTRAN GmbH. "Whether it is deploying a standalone, weatherproof solution that can be deployed in any environment, like the Total Access 1148V, or a modular MSAN solution that maximizes existing network assets found in the hiX5600 or Total Access 5000, ADTRAN is dramatically lowering deployment costs and improving the performance of vectored VDSL2 for service providers worldwide."

ADTRAN's Total Access 1148V vectored VDSL2 broadband access system provides an innovative approach to the successful deployment of fiber to the cabinet (FTTC) architectures. Key features of the product include:

  • Delivers ultra-low total cost of ownership (TCO) for voice and video delivery

  • Environmentally sealed and temperature-hardened design tailored for deployment in extreme environmental conditions

  • Passively cooled for completely silent deployment in sensitive residential areas

  • Provides high service capacity with 10 Gigabit optical Ethernet uplinks

  • Allows simple system scalability from 48 to 192 ports and beyond with system-level vectoring

  • Reduces installation cost via flexible powering options (span, AC, and DC powering)

Introduction of VDSL2 vectoring technology in the ADTRAN hiX 5600 and the Total Access 5000 product families gives operators greater ability to fully utilize their valuable network assets. The VDSL2 vectoring application provides a future-proof solution with characteristics like:

  • Best in class FTTB/FTTC copper solutions in all conditions in combination with advanced ADTRAN indoor and outdoor cabinet solutions

  • A financially feasible upgrade path for latest copper technology without the need for complete network restructuring

  • Fully compatible with the current installed base of hiX 5600 and Total Access 5000 nodes

  • A scalable solution starting from 48 port board-level vectoring up to multi-card system-level vectoring


ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment. ADTRAN's products enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures. ADTRAN solutions are currently in use by service providers, private enterprises, government organizations, and millions of individual users worldwide. For more information, please visit

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