The Sims Social Halloween Quests Week 2: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Halloween Quests Week 2
The Sims Social Halloween Quests Week 2

Last week we had Van Helsim and Lady Grey around to help us out in The Sims Social. Unfortunately, this week, we're left to fend for ourselves. And to top it off, we seem to have attracted some unwanted attention. Apparently, Edward Sullen has forged papers claiming he's the heir to the Midnight Grove castle outside of Littlehaven.

It's up to you to try to befriend him and persuade him to change his mind to give up this devious pursuit. It's a sneaky plan, we now, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And thanks to The Sims Social team at Playfish, we have exactly what you'll need to do just that.

Step 1 – A Quest With Bite!

  • Become Inspired

  • Unlock the Gate and start exploring Wolfswood

By completing the projects this week, we will be one step closer to unlocking the castle room. If we complete it in time, we'll get the fabulous looking chariot... not to mention the art skill item in Wolfswood and a plushie. Rewards: 10 LP, 15 XP, 1 Energy, Paint

Step 2 – A Quest With Bite!

  • Have 3 Fury

  • Complete Stage 1 of Wolfswood

  • Have 3 Hammer

You can gain Fury by being mean and doing mean things to other Sims. Sound easy? Complete the entire Stage 1 of Wolfswood in 4 steps and collect hammers by repairing items around your house and your friends' houses. Rewards: 15 LP, 20 XP, 1 Energy, Plot Twist

The Sims Social Halloween Quests guide
The Sims Social Halloween Quests guide

Step 3 – A Quest With Bite!

  • Clear 2 Skulls near Wolfswood

  • Ponder Over Wolfsbane

  • Investigate Scarecrows near Wolfswood

Don't see any skulls around? Return to Midnight Grove in a bit and you should find some scattered around. Complete the actions 'Ponder Over Wolfsbane' by clicking on Dark Lagoon and choosing this option. Make sure you do this twice. Rewards: 20 LP, 25 XP, 1 Energy, Rubber Glove

Step 4 – A Quest With Bite!

  • Click Leave Wolfsbane

  • Complete Stage 2 of Wolfswood

  • Complete the statue project in Wolfswood

Click Wolfswood or Baron Wolfegang Grey in Midnight Grove and then choose the option Leave Wolfsbane. Complete all 7 steps to complete Stage 2 of Wolfswood. You will also need to sculpt the entire Werewolf Statue, which is located in Wolfswood. Rewards: 25 LP, 2 Energy, 30 XP, Paintbrush

Step 5 – A Quest With Bite!

  • Have 2 Werewolf Fur

  • Complete Stage 3 of Wolfswood

Collect werewolf fur by clearing thorny brambles or discovering dark creatures around Midnight Grove. Complete the third and final stage of Wolfswood by following the 9 steps and you will be that much closer to unlocking the castle room and receiving the timed reward of a horse drawn carriage. This week, your reward is a Wolf Plushie. Rewards: 30 LP, 3 Energy, 40 XP, Wolf Plushie

The Sims Social Halloween Quests tips
The Sims Social Halloween Quests tips

Collectibles Required:
Goodwill (1), Entertainment (2), Screws (12), Nails (11), Pencil (12), Love (14), Deep thought (4), Werewolf Claw (46), Werewolf Fur (30), Rubber Glove (7), Sponge (6), Wolfsbane (25), Metamaterial (10), Saw (4), Plot Twist(9), Fear (3), Duster (4), Planks (9), Paintbrush (19), Paint (6), Photograph (10), Pen (11), Zen Crystal (6), Fear (8)

Werewolf Statue Project:
Hammer (1), Screws (1), Werewolf Fur (15), Wrench (2), Saw (2), Power Drill (4), Fury (8), Paint (12), Werewolf Claw (21), Metamaterial (6), Fear (6), Silver (4), Plot Twist (3), Wolfsbane (14), Paintbrush (6), Zen Crystal (3), History Book (8)

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