Soros Warns of EU Self-Destruction


Billionaire investor George Soros has spent the past year warning that the European Union will be destroyed by financial and debt problems that will plunge Europe into an economic dark age. Soros will talk about his concerns to anyone who will listen, which means he writes op-ed pages on the subject, speaks about it at conferences all around the world and makes as many appearances on TV as possible. According to CNBC:

The crisis "is pushing the EU into a lasting depression, and it is entirely self-created," said Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management. "There is a real danger of the euro destroying the European Union," he said.

"The way to escape it is for Germany to accept ... greater commitment to helping not only its interests but the interests of the debtor countries, and playing the role of the benevolent hegemon."

Angela Merkel would probably disagree.

Douglas A. McIntyre