Tips for how to dominate in Parallel Mafia, straight from the developer

Parallel Mafia tips
Parallel Mafia tips

Want to know how to best your buddies in the global brawl that is Parallel Mafia. Developer PerBlue has provided us with some best practices for how to obliterate the competition in its location-based MMORPG for Android and iOS.

The game launched in March, but its features list has grown significantly since. We caught up with PerBlue last week during GDC Online 2012 to score some inside secrets straight from the game's developers.


Grab the competitive advantage for PvP with Quickslots. Rather than scrolling through menus to find the perfect weapon to annihilate your enemy, place it in the one-click to equip quickslot. You'll have fast access to your most commonly used items and weapons.


Ready to deal significant damage to the Mafia HQ, Turrets, and other business fronts? Craft the PocketNuke, and then detonate to destroy anything within a 600m range. Players can craft up to three PocketNukes in a 22 hour period. Attempting to disarm the PocketNuke can be dangerous, but a small percentage of the time players will be able to claim it for themselves for future use.

Parallel Mafia screens
Parallel Mafia screens
Parallel Mafia cheats
Parallel Mafia cheats

Destroy a Rival Mafia

Got beef with your rival Mafia? Destroy their headquarters with the latest Parallel Mafia update. Attack the Mafia HQ with PocketNuke to demolish it into ruins. The building has 30,000HP and needs to be repaired by Mafia members within seven days, before it can no longer be resurrected.

Player Combat Ranking

Become the ultimate gangster with the player ranking system. Climb through five PvP ranks by battling others to reach diamond status. It's pretty simple, every time you kill a player, you gain points. Each time you're killed by a player, you lose points. Keep in mind this is not a test of your dueling ability, its a test of your sneakiness, teamwork, and downright dirty fighting mafia skill.

Foundry Missions

Save Dr. Harvey in this game-wide collaborative mission. Foundry mission buildings spawn randomly on the game map, and can be completed individually or in a group. Complete the Foundry to collect encryption codes. When 50,000 codes have been collected, the next leg of the mission will be unlocked.

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