Hotel Worker Compliments Jennifer Aniston -- And Gets Fired

hotel worker fired complimented jennifer aniston

A now ex-employee of a Santa Fe, N.M., resort claims that he was fired for complimenting Jennifer Aniston. The shuttle bus driver told a group of guests that the 43-year-old celebrity was "very sweet and much more petite than I thought," reports TMZ, but when hotel management got wind of his praises, they fired him for allegedly violating the hotel's privacy policy regarding famous visitors.

Terry Siegler was shuttling guests at the Encantado Resort, where Aniston was staying during a shoot for her new film, "We're the Millers." The guests had allegedly just spotted Aniston at the hotel spa, and asked Siegler if he'd seen her too. He said yes, and offered up some kind words about the famous lovelorn, now love-struck, actress.

Back at the hotel, the guests discussed this conversation, Siegler told TMZ, and were overheard by a member of Aniston's entourage. The actress' buddy reportedly informed hotel management, which then fired Siegler from his $30,000-a-year job for violating a celebrity guest's privacy.

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The general manager of the hotel told TMZ, "I cannot confirm anything about our employees, but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies."

Most businesses that commonly see high-profile guests have confidentiality agreements for their workers. In April, a Virgin Atlantic employee resigned following allegations that she routinely tipped off the booking details of the airline's celebrity clientele to paparazzi. But Siegler didn't dish on the star to a tabloid -- he was simply responding to a question from a guest.

"They brought [Jennifer] up first...." he told TMZ. "Was I supposed to deny it?"

Siegler reportedly is considering a wrongful termination suit.

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