Fashion Hazard gets extra fancy on NOOK tablets (HD support incoming)

Fashion Hazard NOOK
Fashion Hazard NOOK

Conde Nast makes games now. (We'll just let that sink in.) And surprisingly enough, they're not half bad. Fashion Hazard, the publisher's debut release on iOS, met its goal of delivering a rewarding, challenging action experience to fashion-conscious gamers. Now, the media company has expanded its reach to tablets--more specifically, the NOOK tablets by Barnes and Noble.

For $2.99, those interested can pick up Fashion Hazard on either the NOOK Color or the NOOK Tablet. This one-time purchase nets you everything you'd get on iOS for $.99, but with all six characters playable in every city as well as updated outfits for them to show off.

More importantly, however, is that each model's look has improved from their bodies to their clothing, features and movements. We're told this update is headed for the iOS version, which was lacking in the visuals department at the time of our review. (Call us shallow, but this is a fashion game, for Pete's sake!) Either way, for the stylish gamer, this is a (re) release you might not want to wait on the clearance sale to grab.

Click here to download Fashion Hazard on NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet for $2.99 Now >

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