FarmVille Perfect Costume: Everything you need to know

Another installment in FarmVille's long line of "this or that" events has launched this week in celebration of Halloween. The event will see you asking your friends for help in determining your "Perfect Costume," but the building project that you'll actually be completing in a large castle which will hold a Halloween costume party. While you can have more than one Costume Party Castle across your entire account, the progress is shared across them all, and you can only have a single building on each farm.

This event will be available for the next five weeks, and it will see you asking your friends for votes based on the answers they choose to a variety of questions. As usual, these questions are entirely useless, and the event can instead be completed by simply posting a news item to your wall and then adding a personal message to tell your friends which option you'd like them to vote for. Each vote relates to one of two prizes for each stage, and we're here with a breakdown of the complete series of prizes you can win in this event, thanks to Zynga.

  • Stage 1: Ghost Gnome or Sad Clown Gnome

  • Stage 2: Goth Duck or Hippie Duck

  • Stage 3: Mudhole Pig or Maid Pig

  • Stage 4: Vampire Donkey or Fairy Donkey

  • Stage 5: Chocolate Sheep or Fruity Sheep

  • Stage 6: Fire Chicken or Ice Chicken

  • Stage 7: Mystical Unicorn or Party Game Unicorn

  • Stage 8: Lemon Dragon or Sugar Dragon

  • Stage 9: Bat Pegacorn or Butterfly Pegacorn

  • Stage 10: Moon Pegasus or Sun Pegasus

  • Stage 11: Spider Horse or Sparkle Horse

  • Stage 12: Trick Cow or Treat Cow

Again, you'll need four votes for a particular side to win the prize in question, so make sure to ask your friends to vote for the right or left sides specifically when you post your requests for help.

While you can only earn one prize from each pair at a time, once you've found the answers to all 12 questions, you can repeat the event all over again to earn the other half of the prizes that you didn't win the first time. In addition, you'll be given your "Perfect Costume" idea, which will be something in one of two categories: Cute or Scary. One final prize comes in the form of a Book of XP, which you can use to instantly boost yourself to the next level. Good luck earning all 24 "this or that" prizes available in this event!

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What do you think of the prizes in this latest installment of the "Perfect" item series? Sound off in the comments!