Daegis Streamlines eDiscovery with New Technology Assisted Review Solution

Daegis Streamlines eDiscovery with New Technology Assisted Review Solution

Daegis Acumen Reduces the Number of Documents for Review by 70-90%

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Daegis (NAS: DAEG) , a leading provider of eDiscovery software and services, today announced the launch of its Hadoop-based technology assisted review (TAR) solution known as Acumen. The new offering is designed to reduce the high costs associated with document review while increasing accuracy and defensibility. Fully integrated into the Daegis eDiscovery Platform, Acumen reduces the number of documents for first-pass review by 70 to 90 percent, cutting first pass review costs by up to 50 percent and substantially increasing the speed and efficiency of the review process.

"The eDiscovery market continues to experience rapid growth and development as the demands on serial litigants and their outside counsel increase with the growth of electronically stored information and the diversification of content generation sources," said Deborah Jillson, President of Daegis. "Daegis drives innovation in the industry by developing leading edge solutions such as Acumen that scale to meet the evolving needs of the legal industry."

Unlike eDiscovery technologies that focus solely on black-box predictive coding, Acumen implements a workflow and process-driven approach based on the latest big data advancements, innovative software algorithms and proven best practices in human review. Daegis' focus on scalability future-proofs corporate concerns around data growth and the challenge of managing, storing, and securing data as well as sorting and identifying the relevant pieces to meet eDiscovery obligations.

Acumen utilizes Hadoop-based distributed computing with a modified form of Probabilistic Latent Semantic indexing to rapidly create and ensure highly accurate data maps that represent review document sets. The Acumen solution is seamlessly integrated into the Daegis review platform to leverage existing advanced search capabilities and process-driven human review. This powerful combination delivers the industry's highest levels of "recall" and "precision."

Key elements of Acumen include:

  • Transparency. The Acumen dashboard offers users in-depth insight into review progress, accuracy, cost metrics, and the process and data itself.
  • Defensibility without Delays. Acumen has built-in continuous learning and checks and balances designed to increase the defensibility of the production set. For example, if new data is added to an existing population, Acumen automatically resamples and adjusts projections in real-time based on the entire new population without requiring a complete restart of the sampling process.
  • Advanced Iterative Learning. Acumen's iterative learning is designed to seamlessly integrate technology into well-established document review processes, thereby maximizing human review investment. High resolution data maps are used to train reviewers, who in turn use the maps to train the system to identify responsive documents. The system is designed to identify and push ambiguous documents to the review team, thus maximizing the training benefit of each reviewed document for both human reviewers and the technology.
  • Scalability. Because it is built on the Hadoop architecture, Acumen expands and contracts computing capacity based on current need, enabling streamlined integration of additional data as the matter progresses.
  • Seamless Platform Integration. Acumen is fully integrated into the Daegis eDiscovery Platform enabling users to easily make use of TAR functionality across all current and future matters. Acumen is also available as a stand-alone review solution.

"Daegis has long been at the forefront of a data-driven approach to eDiscovery with our SaaS subscription-based platform and advanced data management methodologies like Cross-Matter Management," said Doug Stewart, Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Daegis. "The new Acumen offering, designed and built in collaboration with big data and statistical experts, is the next evolution of this data-driven model. Acumen holistically enables the seamless collaboration of human reviewers and automation technologies, maximizing the strengths of each and significantly reducing the cost and time spent reviewing documents in the process."

"Even as eDiscovery costs have declined across most segments of the eDiscovery Reference Model (EDRM), the cost of document review continues to increase significantly as the volume of data requiring review in each matter grows exponentially," said David Horrigan, eDiscovery and Information Governance analyst at 451 Research. "The development and adoption of applications that will cut costs - particularly in the review phase - is critical. Big data analytics technologies, such as TAR, offer litigants highly sophisticated tools for rapid and accurate analysis and identification of relevant data, enabling a more streamlined, targeted and transparent review process."

Availability and Pricing: The Acumen solution was released on October 15, 2012 and is free of charge for clients using the Daegis eDiscovery Platform for processing and hosting. Acumen is also offered as a stand-alone solution with pricing available per gigabyte or as a bundle with other services.

About Daegis

Daegis (NAS: DAEG) is a leading provider of eDiscovery solutions. The Daegis eDiscovery Platform combines hosted software technology and on-demand services to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for corporations and law firms. Daegis' technology is revolutionizing eDiscovery through advancements including Cross-Matter Management, enabling the retention and reuse of custodian data and attorney work product from one matter to the next, and Technology Assisted Review (TAR) enabled through its new offering, Acumen. For more information, visit www.daegis.com, www.ediscoverycalculators.com or follow us via our blog and Twitter at @daegis.

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