ChefVille Halloween Appliances: Everything you need to know

With the expiration of the County Fair, ChefVille players were once again left to their own devices, without any pressing demands on their plates. That didn't last long, as the game's Halloween Event is now rolling out to players, and it looks awfully familiar. This Halloween Event is another timed feature that's incredibly similar to the County Fair, in that you earn a new kind of item, aside from Mastery Stars: Spooky Halloween Ribbons. There are 36 to earn in all by cooking new dishes, along with new building projects to complete and quests that will keep you moving forward.

Oddly enough, these quests are still unavailable to most players, but you can get a head start on cooking some of the event's dishes via the Haunted Broiler, Halloween Cauldron and Pumpkin Processor. Since the Halloween event timer hasn't technically started to count down yet, this is the perfect chance to get ahead.

Haunted Broiler
First things first, you'll want to get started on building the Haunted Broiler in your restaurant, which can be purchased for 1,200 coins in the store. This Halloween Broiler is a full-size cooking appliance, similar in size to the regular Broiler, and it requires building materials to finish. You'll need to collect eight Cat Calls through individual requests to your friends, and will also need to collect eight Scary Stories, which are earned via a general news post placed on your News Feed. As a helpful reminder, make sure to sort your News Feed to just show ChefVille posts so that you can claim some of these Scary Stories and help your friends at the same time.

Once the Haunted Broiler is finished, you'll have just two dishes available to cook (a third is locked until you can complete some quests). First, you can cook Creepy Crepes by combining Pumpkin, Milk and Flour. Pumpkin is a new kind of "wild" ingredient that will grow randomly on your land, similar to Mushrooms and Onions. You can also ask your friends to send you some via individual requests. As for the Milk, you can obviously collect it via your Milk Truck, but you can also post a general request to your wall in an attempt to stock up. We're likely going to need a ton of Milk during this event, so it's something to collect as often as possible.

The other dish is Pumpkin Waffles, which is created using Salt, Dough and Pumpkin Puree. How do you earn Pumpkin Puree? That's simple: you build the Pumpkin Processor.

Pumpkin Processor
This second building project is available to purchase from the store for another 1,200 coins. It requires tons of building materials to finish, as seen below.

  • 4 Creepy Cranks

  • 4 Jack-O-Lantern Jaws

  • 3 Halloween Hoppers

  • 4 Stem Removers

  • 3 Pumpkin Holders

The Creepy Cranks, Stem Removers and Pumpkin Holders are earned by posting general requests to your news feed, and you can also claim some from your friends' news feed posts as they too work on finishing their Pumpkin Processors. The other two items are earned by sending individual requests to your neighbors. Remember though, you can only send one of these requests to each neighbor per day, so you'll need to balance requests from the Pumpkin Processor and Haunted Broiler so that you can work on both at the same time and not fall behind.

Once you've finished the Pumpkin Processor, you'll be able to create Pumpkin Puree using two Pumpkins and one Salt per process. Thankfully, this only takes a minute to complete and you'll actually receive two Pumpkin Purees each time, saving you time and Salt in the long run. While we currently only have one dish available that uses the Pumpkin Puree, it's still smart to stock up on as much as you can, as it's unlikely to be the only one.

Halloween Cauldron
The final appliance released so far in the Halloween event in ChefVille is the Halloween Cauldron. It costs 1,500 coins to purchase in the store, but comes entirely finished, allowing you to start cooking instantly without wasting anymore time bugging friends to earn ingredients. As with the Haunted Broiler, the Halloween Cauldron only has two available dishes to start: the Monster Pumpkin Soup and Spooky Spaghetti. The former requires Pumpkin, Onions and Mushrooms, while the latter takes Sirloin Beef, Mozzarella and Dough. Remember to keep checking your Dough Freezer for Dough, as you're going to need a ton of it throughout this event as well.

We should all have the Halloween quests to complete alongside these building projects within the next few days, but for now, make sure to get as far ahead on earning Spooky Halloween Ribbons as you can before the race to the finish really begins.

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