Pioneer Trail Redeem the Gratchetts: Everything you need to know

Players have been dealing with the awful Gratchett Gang in Pioneer Trail for over a year, but now that the gang has spent some time behind bars, it's apparently time to see if they're ready to be redeemed. We can try to turn the Gratchetts into upstanding citizens via the launch of the Redeem the Gratchetts event, which is separated into multiple sets of goals, with one set for each member of the gang. We're here with a guide to help you redeem the Gratchetts on your own Homestead, so let's get started!

Note: Only Bo and Runt's goals are available right now, with the rest being unlocked soon.

Bo Gratchett

Culinary Potential

  • Clear 8 Wildflowers

  • Harvest 20 Soybeans

  • Craft 2 Breakout Breads

Rewards: 400 XP, Chocolate Chip Cookies, 5 Rye Crops

Granny's Famous Recipes

  • Harvest 15 Rye

  • Collect 15 Ground Cinnamon

  • Craft 4 Granny's Cookbooks

The Rye can be found on the game's free gifts page, and you also received some for simply finishing the first goal above. As for the Granny's Cookbooks, these are crafted using Binding Twines (harvest Flax) and Pastry Recipes (ask friends).

Rolling in the Dough

  • Harvest 80 Wheat

  • Gather 30 Cornmeal

  • Craft 5 Pastry Platters

The Cornmeal is earned at random when harvesting corn on your Homestead. Meanwhile, the Pastry Platters are crafted by combining Granulated Sugars (harvest sugarcane), Activated Yeasts (ask friends) and Servin' Platters (ask friends). you'll receive a Key from Bo, 1,200 XP and a Random Energy Meal for completing this final goal in Bo Gratchett's series.

Runt Gratchett

Semantic Struggles

  • Harvest 20 Carrots

  • Harvest 30 Apple Trees

  • Craft 4 Picture Books

Picture Books are created using Paper Glues (tend Adult Goats) and Newspaper Clippings (ask friends). You'll receive 400 coins, 5 Baby Carrots and 400 XP for completing this goal.

Study Up

  • Tend 25 Adult Ducks

  • Collect 20 Alphabet Soup

  • Craft 5 Flash Cards

Rewards: 800 coins, Kit Fox, 800 XP

From Naught to Knowledge

  • Tend Adult Kit Foxes 20 Times

  • Gather 15 Reading Glasses

  • Craft 8 Informational Stations

Rewards: 1,200 XP, Random Energy Meal, Key from Runt

Sissy Gratchett


  • Harvest 30 Beets

  • Tend 30 Adult Geese

  • Craft 4 Escape Ropes

Rewards: 400 coins, Felon Ferret, 400 XP

Skill on the Ropes

  • Tend Felon Ferrets 6 Times

  • Collect 20 Practice Posts

  • Craft 4 Professional Lassos

Rewards: 800 coins, Fully Grown Oak Tree, 800 XP

Queen of the Arena

  • Chop Willow Trees 30 Times (not saplings)

  • Collect 20 Custom Brands

  • Craft 8 Rodeo Gear

The Custom Brands are earned by tending Oxen. Meanwhile, the Rodeo Gear is created by combining Leather Chaps (tend Hide Prepping Stations), Sparkling Hats (ask friends) and Show Saddles (ask friends). You'll receive a Key from Sissy, 1,200 XP and a Random Concoction for finishing this goal.

Amy Gratchett

Making An Effort

  • Harvest 20 Pecan Trees

  • Collect 20 Chipping Knives

  • Craft 5 Repaired Tools

Rewards: 800 coins, 5 Grass Debris, 800 XP


  • Harvest 25 Rye

  • Collect 15 Shiny Coins

  • Craft 12 Decoy Chests

Shiny Coins are earned at random when tending grass. You'll receive a Key from Amy, 1,600 XP and another Random Concoction for completing this goal.

Unburied Treasure

  • Place the Gratchett's Treasure Trove

  • Collect 3 Gratchett Keys

  • Collect Amy's Key

This overall goal in this event will reward you with 5,000 coins, 5,000 XP and a "Random Awesome Boost" when it's completed. Good luck finishing them all off!

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What do you think of this series of redemption goals in Pioneer Trail? Are you going to work on completing them, or are you more focused on other tasks that have also been recently released in the game? Sound off in the comments!