IXYS Expands Product Portfolio of 1200V High-Speed Rugged XPT™ IGBTs

IXYS Expands Product Portfolio of 1200V High-Speed Rugged XPT™ IGBTs

MILPITAS, Calif. & BIEL, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IXYS Corporation (NAS: IXYS) , a manufacturer of power semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs) for energy efficiency, power management, and motor control applications, today announced an expansion of its 1200V XPT™ IGBT product line. With current ratings of up to 220A, these new devices are designed to minimize switching losses in high-voltage, hard-switching applications. The high-speed switching capabilities (up to 50 kHz) of these IGBTs allow designers to use smaller and lighter components in their systems. For IXYS customers who need to lower turn-off losses and/or remove snubbers/clamps from their designs, IGBTs with co-packed ultra-fast recovery diodes in Sonic-FRD™ or HiPerFRED™ Technology are available.

Manufactured through the state-of-the-art IGBT process and the XPT™ design platform, these devices feature high-current handling capabilities, high-speed switching abilities, low total energy losses and low current fall times. They have a positive collector-to-emitter voltage temperature coefficient, making it possible for designers to use multiple devices in parallel to meet high current requirements. Their low gate charges also help reduce gate drive requirements and switching losses. In addition to being avalanche rated, these devices have square Reverse Bias Safe Operating Areas (RBSOA) up to the breakdown voltage of 1200V - a necessary ruggedness in snubberless hard-switching applications.

The new 1200V XPT™ devices with co-packed anti-parallel Sonic-FRD™ or HiPerFRED™ diodes are optimized to reduce turn-off losses and suppress ringing oscillations, thereby producing smooth switching waveforms and significantly lowering electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the process. Furthermore, due to the soft recovery characteristics of the diodes, the IGBTs can be switched on at very high rates of change in current (di/dt), even in low current and temperature conditions.

There are various high-voltage and high-speed applications that the new IGBTs are well-suited for. Among these are power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, motor drives, switch-mode power supplies, power factor correction circuits, battery chargers, welding machines and lamp ballasts.

These 1200V XPT™ IGBTs are available in the following industry standard packages: TO-220, TO-247, TO-264, SOT-227, SOT-227B, PLUS247, PLUS264 and ISOPLUS247; and include part numbers IXYH30N120C3, IXYH50N120C3D1, IXYN100N120C3H1, and IXYX120N120C3, with collector current ratings of 66A, 90A, 134A, and 220A, respectively.

Additional product information can be obtained by visiting the IXYS website at http://www.ixys.com or by contacting the company directly.

About IXYS Corporation

IXYS Corporation makes and markets technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency, generate solar and wind power, and provide efficient motor control for industrial applications. IXYS offers a diversified product base that addresses worldwide needs for power control, electrical efficiency, renewable energy, telecommunications, medical devices, electronic displays, and RF power.

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