Are you killing it yet at Dexter's Disciples on Facebook?

Dexter's Disciples Facebook game
Dexter's Disciples Facebook game

If not, and you happen to be a Dexter fan, then you probably should be. Showtime recently released a brand social game for the newest season of Dexter, but you won't be running around and killing folks this time. No, you're tasked with ... trivia. Sure, it might sound lame, and it's not nearly as punchy as, well, murder, but for super fans of the show, this could very be the jam.

Following each episode of Dexter ahead of its release, players answer trivia questions based on what they think might happen in the upcoming episode and on events that occurred in previous episodes during this season. Warning: Potential spoilers lie ahead, so beware. Based on which questions you answer correctly, you'll earn points as well as "blood slides" that will contribute to your standing on both friendly and global leaderboards.

Like any good game, there are also plenty of achievements, or trophies, to earn. And if players are faced to too tough of a question, they can recruit their friends as accomplices to fuel assists, which are basically life lines to survive the harder trivia. However, if used, players points for that question will be cut in half. It's a much lighter game than Dexter games of the past, but perhaps that's what the players want. There's more than enough intensity in the show as is, right?

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