CastleVille Halloween Spooktacular: Gargoyle Spirits now available

When the Halloween Spooktacular event first launched in CastleVille, it was incomplete, as players were only able to collect three Owl Spirits and weren't able to collect the three Gargoyle Spirits that we were promised would arrive. This wouldn't have been a huge deal, but the event's overall reward, the Pumpkin Villa, was simply impossible to earn without these Gargoyle Spirits.

Luckily, our wait for these spirits is now over, as you can start collecting the three Gargoyle Spirits in your kingdom. This is a familiar process, as you'll need to click on the "Start" button below a new spirit, and can work with a friend to feed and grow that Spirit on your Kingdom. If you don't feed them enough, they disappear and you'll need to start again, but if you can manage to collect and keep the three Gargoyle Spirits, in addition to the three Owl Spirits (for six Spirits in total), you'll receive the aforementioned Pumpkin Villa for your city.

As of this writing, this Pumpkin Villa doesn't appear to be available in any other way, so make sure to check out our guide to completing the Halloween Spooktacular quests before they leave the game. Good luck!

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Are you happy to see Gargoyle Spirits added to the Halloween event in CastleVille, or are you still trying to track down the three original Owl Spirits? Let us know in the comments!