SimCity Social University Quests: Everything you need to know

Along with the lengthy Academia Nuts quest series that has been released in SimCity Social this week, players are also being encouraged to complete the University quests, which introduce the overall University feature to the game. We're here with a guide on completing these Bring on the Brains quests, straight from the SimCity Social forums, so let's get started!

Bring on the Brains

  • Build the University

  • Welcome Dean Martin to the University

The University will be given to you for free in your inventory. It's quite a large building, so you may need to expand your city before you can build it. Once you place the base, it takes five energy to build. Thankfully, you won't need to actually collecting building materials to finish it, as it will be completed as soon as these energy are spent. You'll then need to simply click on the University and "Welcome the Dean" to finish this quest. You'll receive two XP and 1 Bliss for doing so.

Enrollment Day

  • Enroll 4 Students

  • Send 4 Students to Work

You'll actually only have to enroll three students manually to finish this quest, as the game's tutorial on the University feature counts as one. This feature essentially sees you using your real world friends as students in the university. After a short time, they'll be ready to head into the workforce, and can be sent out to do a job from their home (a symbol shows up above their in-game home to let you know they're ready to work). From there, you'll be able to pick which sorts of jobs you want your friends to complete, based on the time and Simoleons they take to operate and how many rewards you'll receive on the other end. Completing this second quest gives you 1,000 Simoleons and 3 XP.

On the Job

  • Send 8 Students

  • Earn a University Collectible

As your workers start to finish their jobs, you'll have a chance to earn these collectibles. You'll receive 1,250 Simoleons and 5 XP for completing this quest.

Book 'Em Danno!

  • Build a Book Store

  • Collect from the Book Store

The Book Store costs just 2,000 Simoleons to build in the store. Completing this quest gives you 1,500 Simoleons and 5 XP.

Upgrade for Better Grades

  • Upgrade to 1-Star University

  • Enroll 6 Students

  • Upgrade Book Store to 1-Star

Thankfully, the Book Store upgrade doesn't require collectibles, but just requires items like Materials to actually upgrade. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 2,500 Simoleons and 5 XP.

Finishing School

  • Earn 3 Entrepreneurship Collectibles

  • Earn a Big Idea Collectible

  • Upgrade University to 2-Stars

Finishing this quest gives you 10,000 Simoleons and 15 XP.

There isn't a time limit for completing these quests as of this writing, although the other set of University themed quests will only be available for two weeks. Since that's the case, you'll need to really balance your time carefully between these quest series (and everything else in the game) to be able to finish things in time. Good luck!

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What do you think of this new jobs feature in SimCity Social? Will you keep your Sims busy to earn more Simoleons and Materials, or do you earn enough of each on your own? Sound off in the comments!

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