SimCity Social Academia Nuts Quests: Everything you need to know


While Halloween may be the current focus for most Facebook games, SimCity Social is instead focusing on school life with a series of university-themed quests called "Academia Nuts!" We're here with a guide on finishing these quests, which will only be available for the next two weeks, straight from the SimCity Social forums. Let's get started!

Sister Act

  • Build the Sorority House

  • Pay BBQ

  • Deliver Dean Martin's Donation

The Sorority House is purchased from the game's store for 24,000 Simoleons. It's technically a decoration that boosts that population of surrounding homes by 20. After it's built, you'll need to click on it and choose the appropriate action to complete this quest.

Jobs for the Girls

  • Have a 3-Star History Museum

  • Have a 3-Star Botanical Gardens

  • Present Academic Achievement Award

The Academic Achievement Award goes along with the actual University building that should be available in your inventory. If you haven't placed and built it by this point, you'll need to do so and then click on the "Academic Achievement Award" interaction once it's built.

Reaching Out

  • Perform Twin City Actions at History Museums

  • Perform Twin City Actions at Botanical Gardens

  • Present an Intercity University Award

To complete the final task of this quest, you can visit Dom's city, and can click on his complete University to present the award.

Band of Brothers

  • Build the Fraternity House

  • Install Bust of Chase at Fraternity House

  • Pay Llama Manure

Llama Manure is a collectible that can be earned by either asking your friends to send it to you or by tending your farms (it drops randomly). As for the Fraternity House itself, it can be purchased from the store for 24,000 Simoleons.

High Jinks 101

  • Perform Rival Actions at Animal Farms

  • Perform Rival Actions at Farmer's Market

  • Pay Rage

You can perform the same Rival Action on the same Animal Farm once you find one. Of course, it would be best to do this in a town that you already have a rivalry with, so that you harm a positive relationship between your town and another.

Frat Splat Rampage

  • Combine Rage and Manure at the Sorority House 3 Times

  • Give Atomic Wedgies 5 Times

  • Be Total Jerks at the Mocktail Bar 3 Times

While you can use your own Sorority House for one of these three interactions, you'll then need to visit friends' homes and perform the other two. The same can be said for the Mocktail Bar task. The Atomic Wedgie task is also similar, but it takes place at Universities and must, of course, be done five times instead of three.

Caught Brown Handed

  • Produce 25,000 Simoleons

  • Deliver Apologies to Nerds 5 Times

  • Clean Up the Sorority House 5 Times

The Apologies can be given at Hospitals either in your own city or those of your friends.

Careering Out of Control

  • Send 5 Students to Work

  • Collect Vision

  • Collect Innovation

This feature revolves around the new ability to send Sims to work. The more they work, the more Simoleons and Materials you'll produce in the long run, so make sure you constantly have Sims performing work to be as productive as possible.

Hitting the Books

  • Build a Book Store

  • Collect from 5 Student Jobs

The Book Store costs just 2,000 Simoleons to purchase in the store.

Tomorrow's World Today

  • Have a 1-Star University

  • Build a Business Park

  • Collect from a Business Park

The Business Park isn't even unlocked until your town has reached at least 20,000 Sims, so if you've yet to reach that milestone, you'll want to work on adding more towns to your city as quickly as possible. Remember, these quests are timed, so you don't really have time to waste if you're interested in finishing them all.

Business Matters

  • Collet from 20 Businesses

  • Have 5 3-Star Businesses

  • Collect a Big Idea

Big Ideas can be earned at random when sending Sims out to work in Businesses.

Remember, these quests are timed, so you'll need to work fast and smart over the next two weeks to have a chance to finish them all. Don't forget that there's an entirely separate set of University quests that also needs to be completed as well. Good luck!

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