CastleVille VIP Memberships: Everything you need to know


If you're a regular CastleVille player that already spends real money every month on Crowns, you'll definitely want to check out the two VIP Programs that have recently launched in the game. These programs will give you Crowns every day, along with other boosts for the price. We're here with a look at each option, with the cheaper of the two actually being quite tempting.

The Regular VIP Program costs just $3.99 US a month, and for that price you'll receive a King's Well that's exclusive to VIPs. Everyday, you can collect from that King's Well and will receive three Crowns without fail. That's three Crowns per day, every day, unless you decide to cancel your subscription. You'll also receive two Hypercraft each and every day, which will help you craft items more quickly than you would be able to normally. This package, including the cost of purchasing Hypercrafts each day (if you were to do so) is valued at 210 Crowns, which is a savings of 80%.

If three Crowns isn't enough for you though, you can also become a Premium VIP for $15.99 US a month. This program also comes with the exclusive King's Well, but you'll be able to collect seven Crowns from it everyday instead of just three. In addition, you'll receive five Hypercraft daily instead of two. On top of that, you'll receive five Alchemist Powders each day as well. This package alone is worth 25 Crowns, if you were to purchase Alchemist Powders outright. All together, this monthly package is worth 1,260 Crowns, for a savings of 88% off the normal purchase price.

While we've seen subscription programs launch in Facebook games before, the $3.99 option here is definitely one of the most worthwhile we've ever seen. While it may not be enough to make non-paying players start to spend real money in the game, anyone that's already comfortable with spending real money really shouldn't miss out on signing up for these offers. We'll make sure to let you know if a middle tier program launches in the future, so stay tuned!

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Will you join either of these two VIP Programs in CastleVille? Which one and why? Sound off in the comments!