The Ville: Embrace your wild side with new Halloween costumes

If you spot any odd-looking characters wandering around your home in the Ville this week, they're likely wearing one of the new Halloween costumes that have been released in the store. At first, male and female avatars had very few options to choose from (zombies, witches and werewolves), but now that selection has been expansion a bit to include mummies, space suits and more. We're here with a complete look at the newly released items, so let's get started!

Female Avatars

Bat Pendant (Necklace) - 2 Ville Cash
Black Bouffant Wig - 7 Ville Cash
Interstellar Izzy Costume - 19 Ville Cash
Mummy Costume - 12,500 coins

Male Avatars

Undead Rocker Wig - 9 Ville Cash
Warlock Costume - 19 Ville Cash
Mummy Costume - 12,500 coins

If nothing else, this release now means that all players can get in on the fun of the Halloween season by purchasing the Mummy Costume for free with coins. Hopefully, additional Halloween costumes will be released that are even cheaper for the budget conscious gamer. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of this new set of Halloween costumes in the Ville? Sound off in the comments!

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