Pop Quiz: October's Nightmares on Wall Street

Bronze scupture by George Segal,
Bronze scupture by George Segal,

When people think of October terrors, the first things to come to mind are usually the Halloween ghosts and ghouls that prowl surburban streets in search of tricks and treats. But the biggest, most frightening horrors aren't the ones on Elm Street -- they're the ones on Wall Street. After all, in addition to Columbus Day and Halloween, October tends to bring more than its fair share of stock market crashes and brutal recessions.

In honor of Black Monday 1987 and Black Monday 1929 -- not to mention the many other depressions and recessions that began in October -- we bring you the October recession/depression quiz. If you've ever wondered what causes recessions, how we survive them, and how they end, take our quiz and find out!


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