FarmVille Witches & Wizards Items: Cauldron Tree, Squirrel Mage and more


As Zynga continues to celebrate Halloween in FarmVille, we've seen the launch of a new "Witches & Wizards" theme in the game's store, which comes with plenty of trees, animals, buildings, decorations and even avatar costumes to help you celebrate the upcoming holiday. We're here with a complete look at the entire Witches & Wizards theme, as it currently stands in the store. Let's get started!


Witch Hat Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Witch Hat Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Spooky Crystal Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Big Spooky Crystal Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Witch Pumpkin Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Giant Witch Pumpkin Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Cauldron Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Cauldron Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Black Moon Cat - 1.8 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Icy Wizard Pony - 24 Farm Cash
Big Skeleton Dragon - 22 Farm Cash
Witch Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash
Fire Wizard Foal - 15 Farm Cash
Skeleton Panda - 16 Farm Cash
Fire Wizard Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Dino Dog - 1.8 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Wizard Duck - 14 Farm Cash
Fire Wizard Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Big Fire Wizard Duck - 18 Farm Cash
Squirrel Mage - 5 Farm Cash
Skeleton Dragon - 9 Farm Cash


Crystal Tower - 15 Farm Cash


Wizard Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Sorcerer Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Flying Witches - 14 Farm Cash
Black Cauldron - 20,000 coins
Illusion Fence - 8,000 coins per piece
Magic Crystal Pond - 10 Farm Cash
Crystal Tower - 15 Farm Cash
Apprentice Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Witch's Carriage - 100,000 coins
Wizard Lantern - 20,000 coins

Avatar Clothing

Witch Costume - 20 Farm Cash

These items will be available for either nine or 13 days as of this writing, depending on the item. If you have trouble spotting any of them in the store, remember to use the handy search box to find the specific item(s) you're looking for. We'll make sure to bring you news on any future Halloween-themed item releases in FarmVille, so stay tuned!

What do you think of these Witches & Wizards items in FarmVille? Which ones will you purchase for your farm(s)? Sound off in the comments!