FarmVille Rebuild Count Duckula's Castle: Everything you need to know

If you missed out on the Count Duckula's Castle that was released last October in FarmVille, you're in luck as Zynga has re-released the castle for building in your new Haunted Hollow expansion. Even if you've already built a castle, this will be the only way to actually have that castle in your Haunted Hollow land unless you're willing to pay Farm Cash for a shipping license to bring it over from another farm.

If you're ready to build another castle, you'll need to do so by collecting waves of building materials, as Count Duckula's Castle has six stages to complete in all. Here's a breakdown of each level's requirements, thanks to Zynga.

Stage 1

  • 9 Haunted Bricks

  • 6 Goo

  • 9 Knockers

Stage 2

  • 12 Haunted Bricks

  • 8 Goo

  • 12 Knockers

Stage 3

  • 15 Haunted Brick

  • 10 Goo

  • 15 Knockers

Stage 4

  • 18 Haunted Brick

  • 12 Goo

  • 18 Knockers

Stage 5

  • 21 Haunted Brick

  • 14 Goo

  • 21 Knockers

Stage 6

  • 24 Haunted Brick

  • 16 Goo

  • 24 Knockers

These items are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. You can of course purchase each item with Farm Cash, but make sure to also look out for news feed items being posted by your friends that will offer free parts as well. Since Count Duckula's Castle has been re-released specifically for the Haunted Hollow farm, this new and updated version also gives you Spook Points, on top of coins, when you collect from it once a day.

We'll make sure to let you know if any additional features from past Halloweens are re-released, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this re-release of Count Duckula's Castle? Are you willing to rebuild the castle so that you can earn Spook Points from it, or will you just wait for the shipping licenses to become free so you can bring over your original castle? Sound off in the comments!