FarmVille: Boost your Haunted Hollow farm with Starter Packs and Unwither Rings

The FarmVilleHaunted Hollow farm can easily suck up all of your free time this October, with tons of building projects and goals to complete, but Zynga has released some items to boost your productivity or at least give you a jump start in the expansion.

For one, you can now purchase an Unwither Ring specifically for your Haunted Hollow farm. This ring comes in a fun pumpkin shaped container, but it also comes with a high purchase price: 250 Farm Cash. If you purchased Farm Cash at its normal price, you'd pay around $45 US for the ring, but would of course never need to purchase an Unwither or ever worry about withered crops on that farm again.

In addition, some starter packs have been released with Haunted Hollow progress in mind. There are three starter packs to choose from, ranging from 30-70 Farm Cash each. Here's a rundown of what you can find in each if you make a purchase.

Bronze Pumpkin Pack - 30 Farm Cash

  • 100 Spook Points

  • 6 Haunted Mansion Parts

  • 6 Treasure Parts

  • 5 Blue Serums

This pack has a value of 37 Farm Cash, if you purchased items separately.

Silver Pumpkin Pack - 40 Farm Cash

  • 200 Spook Points

  • 12 Haunted Mansion Parts

  • 12 Treasure Parts

  • 5 Green Serums

This pack is valued at 59 Farm Cash.

Gold Pumpkin Pack - 70 Farm Cash

  • 400 Spook Points

  • 21 Haunted Mansion Parts

  • 20 Treasure Parts

  • 5 Orange Serums

This final pack is valued at 105 Farm Cash.

While these packs offer plenty of building materials to help you complete Haunted Hollow's major building projects or tasks, remember that these items (the Mansion Parts and Treasure Parts specifically) can be easily earned for free by simply asking for your friends to send them to you. If you don't have that many active players in Haunted Hollow, or simply don't wish to wait for their help, I suppose I can understand wanting to speed things up a bit, but just make sure you're willing to pay that much real money per pack for something you can ultimately earn for free.

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Will you purchase any of these Starter Packs to help you out in FarmVille's Haunted Hollow? What about the Unwither Ring? Sound off in the comments!