CityVille Ghostly Goods Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


While many CityVille players only have one or two pieces of the Halloween saga currently active in their games, all players above Level 30 will apparently eventually be given access to a new timed goal called Ghostly Goods. This one wants to test how fast you can earn the "Halloween essentials:" candy, crops and coins, and it comes with a three step process for completion. Here's a guide to finishing it off!

Ghostly Goods

  • Ask for 25 Treat Bags

  • Harvest 50 Halloween Crops

  • Collect from Halloween Businesses 80 Times

These tasks may seem fairly simple, but they're also incredibly time consuming. If this weren't a timed goal, then we'd likely have no problem finishing it off, but as it stands, you'll have just 24 hours from the time of starting this quest to actually finish it. If you can do that, you'll receive 500 XP and seven Zoning Permits. If you miss out on that short window of time, you can also try and complete the quest within 48 hours to win 200 XP and four Zoning Permits. Finally, if you can finish it anytime between the first 48 - 72 hours of accepting it, you'll receive just 100 XP and two Zoning Permits.

Overall, it's interesting that this goal (and other Halloween goals) haven't rolled out to more players, as it's possible that these timers could expire without players ever having a chance to access them. Hopefully, the timer for this particular goal doesn't start until we manually accept the goal in our towns, but if not, I imagine many players will be pretty disappointed that they missed their chance.

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[Via: CityVille Wiki]

Have you received this goal in your city in CityVille? Have you received any Halloween content thus far? Sound off in the comments!