Safeway Earnings Are a Mixed Bag


The video above is from Thursday's MarketFoolery podcast, featuring host Chris Hill and analysts Joe Magyer and Jason Moser. In this segment, the focus is on Safeway's (NYS: SWY) quarterly profits, which were released early yesterday. Earnings came in lower than the previous quarter, with shares down 3.5% as a result. While Safeway has paid a steady dividend, the guys expect that to end in a couple of years. Unlike Whole Foods (NAS: WFM) , Safeway has been watching its gross margins shrink, which spells long-term trouble for the company.

In terms of Whole Foods, it's hard to believe that a grocery store could book investors more than 30 times their initial investment, but that's just what the company has done for those who saw the organic trend coming some 20 years ago. However, today people are wondering if Whole Foods' growth is sustainable, and whether the valuation is justified. That's why analyst and WFM expert Jim Mueller has authored a premium research report that lays out exactly how Whole Foods is able to command such incredible industry-topping margins, and why the company's growth is actually still in its early stages, as well as the key opportunities and threats facing the store's future. As an added bonus, Jim will keep you up-to-date with a full year of analysis and guidance as news develops, so don't miss out -- Click here now to claim your copy today.

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