FarmVille Time Machine: Everything you need to know


While Halloween may be the current focus of most gameplay updates in FarmVille this month, a more generic (but still quite interesting) feature has also made its way to our farms: a Time Machine. This Time Machine will allow us to "travel back in time" to collect prizes from different eras for our farms. You can have one Time Machine on each of your farms, but you won't have to spend any time building them. That is, you'll instantly have the chance to travel back through time, with the Groovy 1970's being the first era you can visit. The rest are locked.

In order to travel back through time, you'll need to have enough "Time Tonic Fuel" to power your machine. You can ask your friends to send you some of these Fuel, or you can purchase it with Farm Cash. Additionally, make sure to look out for your friends news feed posts, as they might be sharing some Fuel that you can collect for free.

Once your tank is full of Fuel (say, at five units, as an example), you'll be able to make a journey back in time. When you "arrive" in the past, you'll receive a themed prize from that era (like a Red Lava Lamp Tree), with each era offering plenty of different items to actually collect. You may find crops, trees, gnomes, or animals when you travel back in time, with some prizes being more common than others.

You'll have more incentive to continue traveling to a certain time period than just earning prizes too, as you'll need to collect Time Tokens to unlock additional time periods for travel. While the 1970's, again, is unlocked from the beginning, traveling there gives you a chance to find Flux Capacitors. Once you've collected five of these, you'll unlock the Victorian Era. After you start visiting the Victorian Era, you'll start earning Gyroscopes that will unlock the Feudal Japan era (once you have 10).

It's definitely possible and likely that additional time periods will be released in this feature in the future, so make sure to keep your Time Machines even after you've completed your item collection for each time period. Good luck winning some great items!

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[Via Zynga]

What do you think of this Time Machine feature? Which time periods would you like to see released in this event? Sound off in the comments!