CityVille Make It Rain Timed Goal: Everything you need to know


A new timed goal has launched in CityVille's Halloween event, as the game's eccentric scientist has created a machine that will harness the power of the weather to boost the maximum ghost population in our cities. This comes by way of a timed goal called "Make It Rain!" You'll have just five days to finish it off for the Gold trophy, and we're here with a guide on how to do just that!

Make It Rain!

  • Have a Level 3 Witchwart Academy

  • Increase Ghost Population by 1,500

  • Collect from 50 Halloween Businesses

When you click on the "Show Me" button for this Witchwart Academy, you're unfortunately not shown this item in the game's store. If you'll recall from one year ago, however, the Witchwart Academy was available in last year's Halloween event, so you might already have one. If you weren't playing last year, or simply never purchased/earned a Witchwart Academy, we can only hope that Zynga re-releases the item to make this goal possible to complete without spending City Cash.

You'll have five days to complete this goal for the Gold Trophy, and if you can do that, you'll receive the Super Weather Balloon, a community building that will raise your ghost population allowance by 1,490 ghosts. If you can't finish the goal that quickly, you'll still be eligible for either the Silver or Bronze Trophies, which reward you with 500,000 coins or 200,000 coins, respectively.

Good luck finishing this goal in time for the Gold Trophy!

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What do you think of this Make It Rain Timed Goal? How many ghost citizens have you been able to add to your city thus far? Sound off in the comments!