The Sims Social Halloween Quests Week 1: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Your Very Own Halloween Castle
The Sims Social Your Very Own Halloween Castle

Things are shaking up in Littlehaven as a note mysteriously appears on the doorsteps of The Sims Social's residents. In this note, you are notified of a recent inheritance. A castle is awaiting you in Midnight Grove, and this week's quest will take you to this all-new location.

But before you're able to unlock the inside of the castle, you'll will need to complete three quests to get the castle grounds in order. Thanks to The Sims Social team at Playfish, we have all you'll need to do just that. And ... action!

As a cold wind blows, it sends shivers up your spine, and you hear a knock on your front door. You look through the peephole but don't see anyone or anything. You reach out for the handle and swing the door open to find a note lying at your doorstep. It reads...

My Dear Cousin,

This is your long lost relative. Meet me down by Midnight Grove–I have a wonderful gift for you this Halloween. Ok, let me just tell you what it is–it's a castle. Yes, your very own castle. Now hurry down, will ya? I need your help dealing with some vampires and werewolves–nothing to worry about.

Lady Grey.

Whoa, you've just inherited a castle. What are we waiting for? Let's get cracking, shall we?

Step 1 – Your Very Own Halloween Castle!

  • Become Inspired

  • Unlock the Gate to Dark Lagoon

It's easy enough to get inspired; all you have to do is satisfy all your needs. Remember, completing projects every week will help us get a step closer to unlocking the castle room and if we complete it in time, we get the fabulous horse drawn carriage. And not to forget that we will get an athletic skill item after we complete the Dark Lagoon. Rewards: 10 LP, Duster, 15 XP, 1 Energy

Step 2 – Your Very Own Halloween Castle!

  • Have 3 Snake scales

  • Complete Stage 1 of the Dark Lagoon Project

  • Have 3 Goodwill

You can get snake scales by clearing artefacts around the Dark Lagoon. Complete the first stage of the Dark Lagoon by completing each of the five steps and be nice to other Sims repeatedly to obtain Goodwill. Rewards: 10 LP, 40 Coins, 15 XP, 1 Energy, 1 Fury

The Sims Social Halloween quests
The Sims Social Halloween quests

Step 3 – Your Very Own Halloween Castle!

  • Clear 2 Skulls

  • Van Helsim? You there?

  • Investigate Ghosts

You can find skulls around the castle area. If you don't see any, come back in a while and you will find some have appeared. Click on any three items around Midnight Grove and choose the option ''Van Helsim? You there?' You can click on the Hand Thingy Plant, the gate and the Dark Lagoon. The next step is to investigate three Halloween Ghosts. Once again if you don't see any ghosts lurking around, come back in a while and you should find some. Rewards: 20 LP, 2 Energy, 30 XP, Power drill

Step 4 – Your Very Own Halloween Castle!

  • Complete the second stage of Dark Lagoon

  • Complete the Vampire Statue project

Complete all eight steps to finish the second stage of the Dark Lagoon. You will also need to sculpt the entire Vampire Statue which is located in the Dark Lagoon area itself (it's the huge mass of stone). Rewards: 30 LP, 2 Energy, 40 XP, Fiction Book

Step 5 – Your Very Own Halloween Castle!

  • Spend 2000 Simoleons for Halloween

  • Complete stage 3 of Dark Lagoon

Go shopping this Halloween and spend 2000 Simoleons on Halloween items of your choice. Complete the third and final stage of the Dark Lagoon by completing all nine steps. That's it. You have now completed your first project and are inching your way closer to unlocking the entire Castle and the horse drawn carriage. Celebrate with your current reward – The Medusa Plushie. Rewards: 30 LP, 3 Energy, 40 XP, Medusa Plusie

Collectibles Required:

Dark Lagoon Project:
Hammer (14), Wrench (4), Nails (4), Screws (3), Fury (33), Dreams (4) , Duster (12), Fiction Book (19), Muse (11), Silver (14), Snake Fangs (19), Slimy Goop (23), Snake Scales (20), Fear (14), Plot Twist (14), Saw (18), Metamaterial (15), History Book (16), Zen Crystal (7), Silver (4), Planks (5)

Vampire Statue Project:
Screws (1), Hammer ( 1), Wrench (2), Saw (9), Nails (6), Love (4), Duster (8), Snake Fangs (9), Muse (9), Snake Scales (15), Power Drill (8), Fury (5),History Book (11), Metamaterial (7),
Slimy Goop (7), Planks (3)

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