Jennifer Rogers Denied Job As 'Kilt Girl,' Couldn't Fit Into Skirt

jennifer rogers, kilt girl
jennifer rogers, kilt girl

Being a food server isn't glamorous work, but there's no shortage of restaurateurs these days who insist on hiring attractive, shapely waitresses dolled up in skimpy outfits as a way to woo more customers. The so-called "breastaurant" boom has spurred scrutiny into how managers decide who is right for the job as well as investigations into possible discriminatory hiring.

Jennifer Rogers (above, left) is among those who alleges that she was denied a job because she didn't have the right body type. Rogers applied at the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery in Palm Desert, Calif., but was rejected from job as a "Kilt Girl" when the restaurant's mandated "uniform" didn't fit, Rogers told KESQ in Palm Springs.