CityVille Spooky Spire: Everything you need to know


A new skyscraper has been released in CityVille to celebrate Halloween, but this isn't just any skyscraper. This Spooky Spire is one that will come full of ghost population, rather than regular citizens. Starting with 750 ghost citizens, you can upgrade this skyscraper to a population of 2,300 ghost citizens, and we're here with a guide (thanks to Zynga) on how to do just that!

You'll need to be at least Level 50 to access this Spooky Spire, and from there can place it via the goal of the same name.

Spooky Spire

  • Build the Spooky Spire

  • Build 5 Apartment Homes

  • Harvest 50 Jack-O-Lanterns

The base of the Spooky Spire requires six energy to build. From there, it's the expected process of asking your friends for building materials via general news posts and individual friend requests. You'll need five Pumpkins, five Files, five Chandeliers and five Fog Machines. In addition, you'll need to collect five Eye of Newt and five Cauldrons. These can be collected by either purchasing them with City Cash or by collecting from themed "Spooky Spiral" buildings in the store. You can purchase a Werewolf Lodge business for 3,200 coins or a Cauldron Spa business for 20,000 coins, but these are the only two coin options that will drop these building materials.

When you complete this goal, you'll receive 100 XP and five Cauldrons. You'll also be able to start upgrading the Spooky Spire to hold more ghost citizens.

Timed Terror

  • Upgrade Spooky Spire to Level 2

  • Collect from 100 Halloween Residences

  • Collect from 60 Halloween Businesses

The second level of the Spooky Spire offers 1,500 ghost population to your town, rather than 750. You'll receive 300 XP and five Eyes of Newt for finishing this second goal.

Swanky Spirits

  • Upgrade Spooky Spire to Level 3

  • Send 25 Helicopter Jobs

  • Collect from 40 Neighborhoods

When you complete this final goal, your Spooky Spire will offer 2,300 ghosts to your town, and you'll also receive five Zoning Permits and 100,000 coins as your final rewards. You only have nine days to complete all three of these goals, so make sure to work on them fast to have a chance of finishing them all in time. Good luck!

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