ChefVille Garden Patch: Everything you need to know


As we continue to earn mastery stars in ChefVille, ingredient stalls become more and more important. Dishes require all sorts of goodies to cook, but if we don't have enough ways to earn those required ingredients, our progress is slowed and the entertainment value of the game ultimately drops. Here to stop that from happening is the Garden Patch, which has been released alongside a new set of quests in the game.

Friend to Flora

  • Buy 2 Daisies

  • Tend 2 Daisies

  • Place and Build the Garden Patch

The Garden Patch requires three clicks to "unwrap" and from there, you'll need to collect building ingredients to finish it off. You'll need three Pails of Water and four Bags of Seeds, both of which are earned via general news posts on your wall. In addition, you must collect three each of Plentiful Plywood and Scrumptious Soils, which are earned through individual requests sent to your friends. When you finish this quest, you'll receive 4 XP and 10 coins. You'll also unlock the Greens and Sauteed Mushroom dish for the Veggiematic.

Pot Luck

  • Find a Carrot in the Garden Patch

  • Cook 2 Garden Salads

  • Tend 10 Wild Mushroom Patches

When you click on the Garden Patch, you'll receive a random vegetable, although it does appear as though Carrots have been programmed to be the first drop. From there, you can continue to collect from the Garden Patch as often as you'd like without waiting in between, so long as you have energy to do so. You could receive Corn, Mixed Greens, Yellow Bell Peppers and more, along with XP each time you "take a chance." You'll receive 2 XP and two Garlic for finishing this quest, and will also unlock the Savory Onion Tart dish in the Veggiematic.

As the Soil Turns

  • Find 5 Tomatoes in the Garden Patch

  • Get 4 Gardening Spades

  • Have 9 Mixed Greens

Again, the Garden Patch offers ingredients fairly randomly, so you may need to spend a lot of energy collecting those five Tomatoes. On the other hand, Mixed Greens are given out quite randomly from the Patch, so you may earn all nine in the process of searching for the Tomatoes. If not, you can always tend the many plants that are available in the game to earn them the "old fashioned" way. Finally, the Gardening Spades are earned by posting a general news item to your wall asking your friends for help.

A Happy Harvest

  • Cook 2 Greens and Sauteed Mushrooms on the Veggiematic

  • Serve 10 Savory Onion Tarts

  • Find a Yellow Bell Pepper in the Garden Patch

The Greens and Sauteed Mushrooms requires two Mushrooms and six Mixed Greens to cook. It takes just two minutes, so if you've got a lot of Mixed Greens to spare, you can earn at least one mastery star on the dish fairly quickly.

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