RuneScape developer speeds onto Facebook with Carnage Racing this November


Best known of the MMORPG RuneScape, Jagex has announced a new Facebook game being developed by its California-based studio. Carnage Racing will bring "next generation racing" to Facebook sometime this November, as players will be able to take to the 3D streets in the company's first attempt at social media gaming on Facebook.

Carnage Racing will allow players to compete in a variety of races, earning experience points and virtual currency based on their performance. This virtual cash can be used to purchase new vehicles, weapons for their rides, and other "special features" that could earn them an advantage over their competition. Carnage Racing is set to offer real-time multiplayer with up to seven friends, the ability to track your highest scores on each race via times tables, and will even allow a single-player gamer to test or advance their skills by racing against AI opponents.


"Carnage Racing perfectly blends arcade style gameplay mechanics with AAA graphics to give racing fans a Facebook gaming experience like no other," says Arash Amini, Carnage Racing Producer, via a company release. "With a vast array of customization, upgrades and an army of waiting competitors, Carnage Racing is set to change the way people think about racing games on Facebook."

Carnage Racing will hit a green light on Facebook starting this November. Stay tuned for more on the game as we approach its launch!

Are you excited to try this "AAA gaming" experience on Facebook? Do you think there's an audience for such hardcore games on the Facebook platform? Sound off in the comments!