Yahoo! Executive Revolving Door

Since Marissa Meyer became CEO of Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) in July, the shuffle among the company's top level executives has been a steady source of news. In the latest headline today, Yahoo's chief technical officer, Ash Munshi, has left the company. Munshi, who had not been seen around the office for the past month according to a report at Business Insider, was confirmed to have left the company by a spokesperson today.

Since taking over in July, Meyer has seen the backs of Ross Levinsohn, the company's interim CEO after Yahoo fired former CEO Scott Thompson for lying on his resume; Tim Morse, the company's former CFO; human resources chief David Windley; and international HR head Marc Ketzel.

But it's not all about exits. Meyer has also hired a new chief marketing officer, Kathy Savitt; a new head of HR, Jacqueline Reses; a new CFO, Ken Goldman; and new general counsel Ron Bell.

While it may be arguable about which of these firing-hirings is most important, Meyer's first move may have been the signal -- the first executives to go were Windley and Ketzel, both human resources executives. Yahoo and Meyer wants to put an end to a brain drain that has sapped Yahoo's technical chops over the last few years.

Yahoo's shares are down fractionally this afternoon, at $15.85 in a 52-week range of $14.35 to $16.79.

Paul Ausick