The Ville: Say goodbye to room limits and hello to building freedom

Since the Ville's launch on Facebook, players were limited to building one of each kind of "special" room for their Dream Homes, and even one of some smaller (but still useful) rooms like hallways. This, of course, greatly limited the designs that players could choose for their overall home, as long hallways were simply out of the question, for instance. Now, though, players can build as many duplicate rooms as they'd like!

As with anything, there are a couple of exceptions to this rule, but they're pretty understandable. First, the "My First Room" room is limited to just one per person, but that's always been the case. Secondly, if you've yet to unlock a room by completing the appropriate quest(s), you'll still need to do so before unlocking these rooms for placement. Ultimately, that doesn't really limit much, as simply continuing to play the game will eventually unlock these rooms for building, and you can then build as many as you want so long as you don't run out of land space!

If anything, this release probably deals with the upcoming release of additional homes in the Ville, so that players wouldn't be so limited in their room selections in these new rooms. Whatever the case, we definitely appreciate the change, don't you?

Play the Ville on now --->

What do you think of this new ability to rebuild room types? Will you reorganize your home now that this has become an option? Sound off in the comments!

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