FarmVille Witch's Cauldron: Everything you need to know


If you're having trouble collecting the right colors of Monster Serum for your Monster Lab in FarmVille's Haunted Hollow, a new building project can help you do just that. This Witch's Cauldron can be "purchased" from the game's store for free, which is worth noting, as you might not receive a pop-up allowing you to place it in the traditional way. Once you've placed this Witch's Cauldron, you'll need to collect building parts, upgrading the building project as you go along. Here's the rundown of different upgrade requirements, thanks to Zynga.

Level 1

  • 6 Ladles

  • 9 Enchanted Irons

  • 6 Gummy Tentacles

Level 2

  • 8 Ladles

  • 12 Enchanted Irons

  • 8 Gummy Tentacles

Level 3

  • 10 Ladles

  • 15 Enchanted Irons

  • 10 Gummy Tentacles

Level 4

  • 12 Ladles

  • 18 Enchanted Irons

  • 12 Gummy Tentacles

Level 5

  • 14 Ladles

  • 21 Enchanted Irons

  • 14 Gummy Tentacles

Level 6

  • 16 Ladles

  • 24 Enchanted Irons

  • 16 Gummy Tentacles

These items are available by asking your friends to help you via a combination of general news posts and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. After you've completed the first stage of the Witch's Cauldron, you'll be able to start collecting from it once each day for free Monster Serums. The more you upgrade the Witch's Cauldron, the more Serums you'll receive each time you collect from it, which will hopefully allow you to collect all of the Monster Lab's different animals in time for Halloween!

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What do you think of this Monster Lab? Have you had any trouble collecting Monster Serums before this item's release? Sound off in the comments!