What to Do When Analysts Change Their Mind

The stock market can be a nerve-wracking place. If investors own shares of Netflix or RadioShack, they know all about the market's so-called mood swings. Investors have watched shares of Netflix fluctuate over the past few days with 10% swings in both directions. RadioShack shareholders, meanwhile, recently saw their shares rise 12% after a tough year of declines. These share-price movements are largely driven by analysts' buy and sell recommendations, and it's important for long-term investors to exercise discretion when reacting to these large moves.

Don't react: Manage your expectations
The large moves in Netflix's share price haven't changed the fundamentals of the business. Netflix still competes with large players Apple, Amazon.com, and Google to attract consumers. Right now it appears there will be a content war, as consumers can switch platforms easily to get the content in demand. The question is whether Netflix will be able to compete with such large balance sheets.

Yet it's important to not get caught up in the day-to-day hype when investing for the long term. If these fluctuations are giving you indigestion, it's probably a good time to evaluate your expectations. You should be aware of why you have ownership in a company and what kind of events would cause you to exit your position. If you're not comfortable with the expectations you have set for a company, consider sitting down and re-evaluating your positions.

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