Veterans With PTSD Use Music Therapy To Heal -- And Get Back To Work

music therapy ptsd
music therapy ptsd

A decade ago, former Army Sgt. Leo Dunson was a good-natured 18-year-old eager to serve his country and make a difference after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Serving in Iraq, Dunson soon found it difficult to sleep, worried that he might wake up in an insurgent's makeshift torture chamber.

And there were other signs that the war was taking its toll. Once, he pressed a gun to an enemy's mouth; another time, he says, he joined fellow soldiers in taunting an Iraqi boy. Dunson (pictured above) also tried to kill himself, but was saved after the gun he put to his head failed to fire. "If I had died over there, I would have got a 21-gun salute, everybody would praise me like a king," he told The Associated Press. "What do I get now?"