FarmVille 2 Monster Mayhem Items: Wolfsbane, Skeleton Farmhand and more

FarmVille 2's Halloween event has started picking up steam, as more limited edition items have been added to the game's store. The Halloween item theme is called Monster Mayhem, and it contains new crops, animals and more to make your farm just a bit spookier this October. Here's a complete look at the new items that have been released!



  • Costs: 40 coins

  • Harvest Time: 1 Hour

  • Can be sold for: 60 coins

  • First star of mastery: 50 harvests


Leporidae Maleficium - 32 Farm Bucks
Mummy Goat - 37 Farm Bucks
Baby Leporidae Maleficium - 19 Farm Bucks
Baby Mummy Goat - 24 Farm Bucks


Decaying Log - 10 Farm Bucks
Mr. Macabre - 16 Farm Bucks
Skeleton Farmhand - 8 Farm Bucks
Arc de Arachne - 750 coins
Jack-O-Stack - 14 Farm Bucks
LycanthroGnome - 12 Farm Bucks
Reanimated Scarecrow - 15 Farm Bucks

Unfortunately, FarmVille 2 seems to be even worse than the original FarmVille in terms of items being available for coins, as there's only one item in this entire theme (as of this writing) that won't set you back some real cash (crops not included). At least in the case of the original game, we'd be given more than one coin decoration and a coin animal as well. Still, there's always a chance that Zynga will release new items with the budget conscious in mind, and we'll make sure to let you know if that happens!

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What do you think of these Monster Mayhem items in FarmVille 2? Will you pay real money to purchase any of them, or will you hold out for coin items that may or may not be released at a later date? Sound off in the comments!