Cheater, cheater: Diamond Dash exploit sees scores of over 1.5 million

Diamond Dash exploit
Diamond Dash exploit

Rules are made to be broken, some jerk said once. That's seems to be the motto of Kotaku reader Juan Aponte, who came up with a dastardly if entertaining exploit for Diamond Dash, the match-3 game on Facebook by Wooga. However, there's not much that the developer can do about it, considering Aponte's method for "breaking the game," so to speak, has nothing to do with the actual game code.

Diamond Dash is simply a victim of its own design, it seems. What Aponte did, which you can see in action right here, is write a program that automatically simulates random clicks on his computer screen in the area where the game appears in the browser. To be exact, it simulates 90 clicks every 50 milliseconds, according to Kotaku. And since there's zero in-game penalty for misfiring clicks, no harm no foul, right?

Well, Wooga could implement a penalty for mis-clicking, but even a change that small would dramatically transform the game. For the 3.9 million players that might take Diamond Dash quite seriously, an exploit like could very be game-breaking. It makes you wonder: What other Facebook games are this easily-exploitable?

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