Coca-Cola, PepsiCo Join Calories Count Initiative

The American Beverage Association's President Susan Neely said members of her group have agreed to what they call the Calories Count Vending Program. ABA officials said the plan is a:

public-private partnership to provide clear calorie information on vending machines, encourage lower-calorie beverage choices and remind consumers that "calories count" in all the choices they make. This program will be launch in 2013 on more than 500 vending machines in municipal buildings in Chicago and San Antonio.

The program is scheduled to move nationwide after that. The association's "We Deliver" site says that the "big three" soda companies will join the effort:

The Coca-Cola Company, Dr Pepper Snapple Group and PepsiCo are working with government leaders, food service operators, vending companies and other customers to introduce new stickers on the front of beverage vending machines to remind consumers that "calories count" when making beverage choices and encourage them to "Check then Choose" or "Try a Low-Calorie Beverage."

Douglas A. McIntyre