CityVille Fishing Boat Goals: Everything you need to know


While fishing and city-building may not be two things that instantly go together, CityVille has combined the two as players can now build an interactive Fishing Boat in the water off of their main town or the CityVille Lakefront expansion. This feature is available to players that have reached at least Level 20, and the boat itself is only available to place from the first goal in this five part series: Take the Bait. We're here with a complete look at these goals and how to finish them, straight from Zynga. Let's get started!

Take the Bait

  • Place the Fishing Boat

  • Complete the Fishing Boat

  • Catch 10 Fish

The Fishing Boat requires you to collect 25 different Fishing Rods (five each of Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Blue) and also collect 10 Life Vests. The Fishing Rods are earned through the expected combination of general news posts and individual friend requests, but the Life Vests are earned at random by tending "Fishing" themed buildings that can be purchased in the store. These include the Water Apartment and the Fisherman's House, both of which are available to build with just coins.

Once you've placed and built the Fishing Boat, you'll be able to start asking your friends to send you bait (or you can just purchase some with City Cash). To catch a fish, you'll need to click on the fishing hole that sits next to the Fishing Boat, but it will cost you energy to do. From there, a fish will appear somewhere close to the boat, and you'll need to click again to capture it. Depending on the types of fish you capture, your rewards may differ. A Sea Bass, for instance, might only earn you 100 coins, but if you collect enough of them (in this example, that's 15 Sea Bass), you'll eventually unlock additional prizes and upgrades. In this way, you can think of the Fishing Boat as being similar to the Cops and Robbers feature, where donuts are bait and criminals are fish.

When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 50 XP and three Zoning Permits.

Fish Out of Water

  • Upgrade the Fishing Boat to Level 2

  • Expand to Uncommon Fishing Hole

  • Catch 15 Fish

The Fishing Boat can be upgraded by catching more and more fish, regardless of the kind. Level 2 will be unlocked at 25 fish, for instance. You'll receive five Zoning Permits and 100 XP for completing this goal.

Chummin' Around

  • Upgrade the Fishing Boat to Level 3

  • Expand to the Rare Fishing Hole

  • Catch 30 Fish

Obviously, the rarer the fish the better the rewards, and the higher the upgrade, the more fish that need to be caught to unlock it. In the case of Level 3, you'll need to have captured at least 50 fish to unlock it. For finishing this goal, you'll earn 100,000 coins and 20 energy.

Fish for Compliments

  • Upgrade the Fishing Boat to Level 4

  • Expand to the Very Rare Fishing Hole

  • Catch 40 Fish

This Level 4 upgrade requires that you have caught at least 100 Fish, so make sure to keep asking your friends for bait whenever you can so that you don't fall behind in this overall event. You'll receive 150,000 coins and 20 energy when you complete this goal.

Upgrade Fishing Boat

  • Upgrade Fishing Boat to Level 5

  • Expand to the Mythical Fishing Hole

  • Catch 15 Kraken

By this point, you should probably be incredibly comfortable with the fishing feature in CityVille, but that doesn't mean your work is over. You'll need to reach a total of 160 captured fish before you can reach Level 5, and will then need to catch Kraken out in the Mythical Fishing Hole. Of course, this all requires you to expand your land, so you'll need dozens of Zoning Permits to finish it off as well. When you do finally manage to take down this final goal, you'll receive 250,000 coins and 30 energy. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Fishing Boat and its goals? Will you immediately start focusing on catching fish, or are you going to clear some other features off of your to-do list before you jump in here? Sound off in the comments!