ChefVille More Mustard Quests: Everything you need to know


Just when we thought the County Fair event in ChefVille couldn't get any bigger, Rock has brought a brand new three-party quest series to our games called "More Mustard." These quests will only be available to complete for three days, but if you have the Meat Grinder in your restaurant, you should be able to start working on them right away! Here's a guide to finishing these quests in the time we have left!

Chili Service

  • Buy & Build the Meat Grinder

  • Have 2 Ribbons for Spicy Veggie Chili

  • Earn 3 Recommendations

The Spicy Veggie Chili requires two Spicy Ground Beef, seven Tomatoes and four Mushrooms to cook. Hopefully you've already started working on this dish before receiving this quest, or else you might be stuck for some time. Why? Well, each Spicy Ground Beef requires three Mustards, which only recharge every 10 minutes. Once you complete this first quest, you'll receive three XP, three Wheat Bread and 15 coins.

Fool's Gold

  • Buy & Build a Second Mustard Dispenser

  • Cook 5 Classic Hot Dogs

  • Gather 5 Mustard from the Mustard Dispenser

Thankfully, we're being given a chance to purchase a second Mustard Dispenser, so crafting Spicy Ground Beef or simply cooking the game's many hot dogs won't take so long to do. The second Mustard Dispenser costs 500 coins to purchase, and it needs to be built before you can use it.

This second Mustard Dispenser requires new items: 3 Spigots, 3 Mustard Containers and 3 Dispenser Stands. All of these can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you or posting general requests on your wall. Finishing this second quest gives you three XP, four Sirloin Beef and 30 coins.

Make 'Em All!

  • Have 3 Ribbons for the Chili Dog

  • Have 3 Ribbons for the Works

  • Have 3 Ribbons for the Corn Dog

If you've really been working on these Hot Dog dishes since the beginning of the County Fair, you may have no work to do at all, as you could very well have completed all three of these dishes to three ribbons of mastery before ever receiving this quest. If you haven't, just make sure that your Hot Dog Cart is constantly cooking something over the next few days and hopefully you'll have enough time (and ingredients) to complete this final quest in the series. Good luck!

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What do you think of this new quest series in ChefVille? Are you happy that you can now build a second Mustard Dispenser, or were you doing fine with the one you had? Sound off in the comments!