FarmVille Pumpkin Patch Items: Indian Corn Tree, Pumpkin Fountain and more

FarmVille's Halloween celebration is in full swing, and additional limited edition items have just been released in the game's store to help your farms shine even brighter this holiday season! New items have launched in the game's "Pumpkin Patch" theme, which contains items that could be considered to be Halloween in theme, but would also look great sitting out on your farm during the entire Fall season. Here's a look at the new items that have been released in the store.


Indian Corn Tree- 6 Farm Cash
Winter Squash Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Pumpkin Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Carriage Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Scarecrow Goat - 14 Farm Cash
Harvest Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Bourbon Red Turkey - 16 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Candy Apple Ewe - 16 Farm Cash
Big Candy Apple Ewe - 18 Farm Cash


Petting Zoo - 10 Farm Cash
Candy Corn - 20,000 coins
Pumpkin Fountain - 6 Farm Cash
Candy Corn - 20,000 coins

Some of these items are buried towards the end of their respective sections in the store, so remember to use the store's search function if you're having trouble finding something you're interested in purchasing. These items will only be around for the next two weeks, but we'll make sure to let you know if and when additional Pumpkin Patch or true Halloween items launch in the FarmVille marketplace. Stay tuned!

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What do you think of these new items in the Pumpkin Patch theme? Will you purchase any of these for your many farms? Sound off in the comments!