CityVille Business District: Everything you need to know


Since storage of businesses is just as important as actually constructing new businesses in CityVille, it makes perfect sense that Zynga is focusing on helping players retain land space in their cities, without losing any function. That's the idea behind the new Business District, which comes in two parts: a regular Business District and a Premium Business District.

The base of both buildings is connected, and can now be placed via the goal called "It's a Gift!" Each side requires five energy to build, and each side requires its own set of building materials to complete. Here's a look at how to finish off each part of this large new storage feature.

Business District

  • 8 Card Readers

  • 8 Gift Cards

  • 8 District Keys

  • 8 Window Displays

  • 8 Jewelry Cases

Premium Business District

  • 8 Gold Readers

  • 8 Gold Cards

  • 8 Gold Keys

  • 8 Window Displays

  • 8 Gold Cases

All of these items are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. When you complete one side or the other, you'll start to earn storage slots for either regular businesses or premium businesses (those that require Premium Goods to function). Each floor of each building can hold five businesses, so if you finish just Stage 1 of each, you'll still walk away with storage space for 10 individual businesses. What's more, completing the "It's a Gift" goal will give you 1,000 Goods and 100 XP just for playing.

You can continue to collect parts and help from friends to expand each mall, earning more storage spaces as you go along and changing the look of each mall in the process. If nothing else, this serves as a great way to save extra land space in your city if you currently available malls are already full.

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What do you think of this Business District in CityVille? Do you own enough Premium Businesses to make building this worthwhile? Sound off in the comments!

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