Zynga announces CityVille 2: Become mayor in the wonderful land of 3D

FarmVille 2
may only be a few weeks old, but Zynga is already in the middle of bringing another sequel of one of its most popular games to Facebook. Today, Zynga announced CityVille 2, which is now in closed beta on Facebook.

As with FarmVille's move to 3D in FarmVille 2, CityVille 2 will also be given the 3D treatment, along with what looks to be a day and night cycle. CityVille 2 will also contain a "crafting" system that has apparently been inspired by CastleVille. This likely means that we'll be able to build manufacturing plants or gardens to create building materials that can be used elsewhere in the game, but of course that's speculation on our part (who doesn't love a good guessing game?).

What we do know for sure is this: CityVille 2 will bring over the friend visits, crews and "buildables" from the first game, although they might be enhanced a bit, and Zynga will be listening to play feedback as the game's closed beta progresses in order to fine tune the game for its final release. Stay tuned for more information about CityVille 2!

[Via Gamezebo]

Are you as excited as we are to get our hands on CityVille 2? What sorts of features do you hope to see in Zynga's newest city-builder? Sound off in the comments!