FarmVille 2: Celebrate Halloween with new trees and recipes


Halloween has made its way into FarmVille 2, and while the selection of themed content might be slim right now, that doesn't mean more won't be released in the future. As it stands, players can purchase a new, limited edition tree and can then use the fruit of that tree to create a spooky new recipe in their Crafting Kitchen.

The new tree is the Persimmon, and it's available to purchase in the market for 4,500 coins. After you plant it, it will be ready to harvest eight hours, and will offer you Persimmons that sell for 165 coin each, if you don't wish to use them in crafting. You can also turn Persimmons into Animal Feed at a rate of seven Feed per one Persimmon.

If you're a crafter, you can also create fun new Scarycakes (a cupcake with a ghost decoration) by combining Ghoulist Ganache and Witchin' Batters. Of course, each of these require their own separate ingredients, and we're here with a rundown of each stage below.

Ghoulish Ganache

  • 2 Sugar

  • 8 Milk

Sugar is earned by asking your friends to send it to you, while Milk comes from barnyard animals like Goats. A single Ghoulish Ganache can be sold for 950 coins.

Witchin' Batter

  • 6 Persimmon

  • 2 Batter

Batter is another crafting project altogether, requiring Flour and Eggs to craft. Of course, you'll need to craft Flour as well using Wheat, so this is definitely a complex item to craft. You can sell a single Witchin' Batter for 2,190.

A single Scarycake requires two Ghoulish Ganache and one Witchin' Batter to create, and it sells for 4,240 coins. While that sounds like a lot, if you factor in the amount of crafting "Power" and ingredients that you have to spend in creating Witchin' Batters, it might be smarter for you to simply craft and sell multiple Ghoulish Ganaches, rather than going through the entire crafting process until the end. Sure, these items aren't as fun as a finished cake, but if profits are all that matters, that's definitely something to keep in mind.

We'll make sure to let you know as additional Halloween themed items are released in FarmVille 2, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this Scarycake recipe and the new Persimmon tree? Will you purchase one of these new trees for your farm? Sound off in the comments!