CityVille Lover's Lane: Everything you need to know

The Dream Wedding has become an extravaganza in CityVille, with plenty of quests, building projects and decorations that could take over your city and your game if you let them. There's yet another part to this overall event that we're now being given the chance to complete, as a "Lover's Lane" item has shown up on the outskirts of your city. This event is yet another in the long line that asks you to expand your city in order to complete it, but we're here with a guide that let you know what to expect along the way.

Local Lover

  • Ask for 20 Romantic Mix Tapes

  • Expand to Lover's Lane

  • Collect 30 Peach Bubbly

Peach Bubbly is almost a type of currency, as you'll need to spend it in your Honeymoon Sailboat to activate "shipping routes." You can earn Peach Bubbly by collecting from buildings in the "Wedding" theme, that can be purchased for either coins or City Cash in the game's store. You'll need to ask your friends to send you the Romantic Mix Tapes, and finally, you'll need to expand one or two squares out from the current boarder of your city to reach the Lover's Lane.

It should be noted that players with a fully expanded board will instead find this Lover's Lane in their inventories. If you don't see it right away, but you've already received this Local Lover goal, you might need to refresh your game to make it appear. From there, you can place it wherever you'd like and can work on the rest of this goal at your leisure.

Once you've unlocked this Lover's Lane for your town, you'll find that it's a community building that provides 1,780 citizens to your town's maximum population cap. It doesn't have any upgrades, but you can collect a few coins in profit from the item every 24 hours. When you complete the overall Local Lover goal, you'll also receive 500 XP and 15 Peach Bubblies, allowing you to make even more use of the Honeymoon Sailboat in your town.

It's likely that this goal and the Lover's Lane will only be available for a limited time, so while you might have a few weeks to complete / earn it, I wouldn't count on it being there forever. Plan accordingly and you should eventually be able to unlock this one for your town. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Lover's Lane? Have you already expanded to the full CityVille gameplay area, or will you need to work a bit to unlock this new item? Let us know in the comments!