ChefVille An Inconvenient Fear Quests: Everything you need to know

As you continue to level up and earn mastery stars in ChefVille, you'll eventually be greeted with a set of quests surrounding Rock's fear of water. Apparently, the small Salmon Pond you have outside your restaurant would be the perfect place for him to face his fears, but you'll need to help him by completing some quests first. Luckily, we're here with a guide to completing these quests so that you can help him as fast as possible!

Swim with the Fishes

  • Place 4 Light Bushes

  • Fish 2 Times in the Pond

  • Cook 1 Wild Onion Bisque

The Light Bushes are incredibly cheap, and can be purchased from the decorations section of the store (specifically, the Plants section) for just 10 coins each. As for the Wild Onion Bisque, this dish requires one Milk, two Onions and one Pepper to prepare. You'll receive 50 coins, 1 XP and a Wild Onion for finishing this quest.

Take the Plunge!

  • Cook 1 Salmon Bruschetta

  • Cook 1 Classic Tomato Soup

  • Get 10 Two-Handed Shoves

The Salmon Bruschetta is cooked on the BBQ Grill, while the Classic Tomato Soup is of course cooked on the Soup Station. Both have long cooking times, but thankfully, you just have to "cook" them and not "serve" them for this to count. As for the Two-Handed Shoves, you'll be able to earn these by posting general news posts to your wall for help. When you complete this second (and final) quest of this pair, you'll receive 10 coins, 1 XP and a Salmon.

If anything, these story-based quests serve as a decent way to pass the time, and will reward you with a Salmon that would otherwise take an hour to recharge. We'll make sure to let you know if additional quests are released in Rock's specific storyline, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of these story-releated quests in ChefVille? Do you like interacting with different characters in ChefVille, or would you rather simply cook by yourself? Sound off in the comments!

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