3 Ways Bank of America Can Surge Beyond $10


In today's video, Fool.com analyst Anand Chokkavelu looks at Bank of America's potential to surge beyond $10 a share. Anand sees three key catalysts that could unlock a lot of value for shareholders:

1. A resurgent economy.

2. Increased clarity with regard to Bank of America's Countrywide litigation backlog.

3. An increase in Bank of America's dividend.

Bank of America is hands-down the most talked-about bank out there, which is why Anand has written an in-depth premium research report in the hopes of educating and guiding investors on everything they need to know about this highly complex company. The report details Bank of America's prospects, including reasons to buy and sell, and as an added bonus he'll provide a year's worth of key updates on the company as news develops. Click here now to access your copy today.

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